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SLBC Schemes
Objectives of SLBC
  • To review the assistance required and provided by Govt. agencies.
  • To oversee the implementation of branch expansion programme.
  • To review the recovery performance.
  • To consider problems referred by the district level forums and take necessary follow-up action.
  • To solve operational problems in implementation of Service Area Approach, Credit Plans, Govt. and other agencies programmes etc.

It was decided in the 88th SLBC meeting dated 29.8.2008 that RSETIs would be opened in each of the four districts of the State. The present status of opening of RSETIs in the State is as under:

Sl No  Name of the district  Name of the Allottee Bank  Present Status
1  Tripura (west)  Tripura Gramin Bank  Opened in Feb 2009
2  Tripura (south)  United Bank of India  Opened in Mar 2009
3  Tripura ( north)  State Bank of India  Opened in Sept. 2011
4  Dhalai  United Bank of India  Opened in Jan, 2011

These RSETIs are functioning in premises temporarily arranged for the purpose. The State Government is yet to allocate land to these RSETIs for constructing permanent premises for RSETIs. The State Govt. may take up the matter for expediting the process of land allocation.

Financial Literacy cum Credit Counseling Centers (FLCCs)

In the model scheme issued by RBI, it has been mentioned that such “FLCCs may need to be set up at all levels viz. block, district, town and city levels. SLBCs may discuss and coordinate with the banks, both in public and private sectors, and arrive at a plan for setting up of FLCCs at different levels in a phased manner. United Bank of India has already set up a FLCC at Udaipur, Tripura South District and will open another FLCC at Dhalai District shortly.

In the light of the directives of RBI given in the model scheme, the following suggestions are placed before the House for consideration and giving their views on opening of FLCCs in the State. Copies of the above RBI circular and the model scheme were provided to all banks.

  • FLCC centers may be opened by the concerned banks in the premises of RSETIs already set up/ to be set up by them so that FLCCs’ activities are dovetailed with the activities of RSETIs.

  • Banks in Public and Private sector, which have not opened, or not going to open RSETIs, should come forward to open FLCCs at District/Block level.
  • VI. Progress under Financial Inclusion Plan

    100% Financial Inclusion has already been achieved in Tripura (W) district. In other three district, it is nearing completion to 100% FI, 99% both in Tripura (N) and Tripura (S) districts and 91% in Dhalai District. District wise progress reports up to December 2010 are furnished in Annexure.

    All the Rural and Semi Urban branches of all the banks operating in the State are opening zero balance accounts for routing payments under NREGA, NOAP etc.

    Banking outlets in Unbanked / Under banked Centers:

    A small committee on Financial Inclusion formed in the State as per decision taken in the 93rd SLBC meeting held on 04.01.2010, has identified 38 under banked centers for providing banking services either through a new branch or Business Correspondent model. It was decided that branches will be opened in 12 centers and Business Correspondent model will be put in to use in other 26 centers. Bank wise allocation of these centers has also been made. In the 94th SLBC meeting held on 02.4.2010, it was decided that the branches would be opened in these centers within next 3- 4 months but due to non-availability of ready premises, it has not come true. The allotted banks have been advised to invite prospective premises owners through Newspaper publication for offering suitable premises’ on hire. Proposed roadmap for these 12 branches as received from different banks has been shown below in a separate table.

    Sl No.  District  Block  Centre  Name of the Bank  Proposed date
    1  West Tripura  Dukli  SriNagar  TGB  Within March 2011.
    2    Bisalgarh  Lalsingmura  TGB  Within March 2011.
    3    Teliamura  Chakmaghat  United Bank Of India  Opened on 22.03.2011.
    4    Teliamura  Tuichindrai  TSCB  Within March 2011.
    5    Kalyanpur  Baganbazar  TSCB  Within March 2011.
    6  South Tripura  Rupaichari  Rupaichari Block  TGB  Opened in March 2010
    7    Hrishyamukh  South Sonaichari  TGB  Within March 2011.
    8    Matabari  Garjee  TGB  Within March 2011.
    9    Killa  Atharobhola  TGB  Within March 2011.
    10  Dhalai  Salema  Morachera  TSCB  Within March 2011.
    11  North Tripura  Gournagar  Bhater Bazar  TSCB  Within March 2011.
    12    Kumarghat  Betchera Bazar  TGB  Within March 2011.

    As regards extending banking outlets through Business Correspondent model in 26 centers, it has been proposed to initiate work in the seven centers where connectivity is available at present. The concerned banks have been requested accordingly.

    However, a separate committee had been set up earlier for identifying viable under banked centers had prepared an agreed list of nine centers and allotted those to different banks for branch opening. Out of these nine centers, branches have already been opened in five centers.

    Banking outlets in Unbanked villages having population of over 2000

    As per directives issued by the Reserve Bank of India and decisions taken in the 93rd SLBC meeting of Tripura held on 04.1.2010, Sub committees formed at the each DCC level of each district have identified the unbanked villages having population of over 2000 and allocated those villages amongst the banks operating in the districts. United Bank of India, the Convener Bank of SLBC, Tripura has prepared a district wise consolidated list showing allocation of villages to each bank and sent the same to the respective banks. Altogether 419 unbanked villages having population of over 2000 have been identified and allocated. The process has to be completed by March 2012.

    The Commissioner, RD Dept, GoT has requested the Convener, SLBC to revise the roadmap already prepared & approved by SLBC meeting held on 04.01.10. It is requested to draw a fresh roadmap on the basis of allocation of NREGA payments to different banks and institutions in consultation with the RD Dept., GoT.

    As most of the banks have already proceeded to extend banking services in allotted villages, Convener Bank, SLBC has requested the State Government, Tripura to reconsider the issue-“ to prepare a fresh roadmap”.  The matter may be discussed in detail for extending banking outlets in unbanked villages in the State.

    Financial Literacy & Education:

    As per decision of the Reserve bank of India, Financial literacy and Education programme will continue along with Financial Inclusion in all the four districts of the State.

    Monitoring initiatives for providing ‘Credit Plus’ activities by banks and State Government such as setting up of Credit Counseling Centres and RSETI type Training Institutes for providing skills and capacity building to manage businesses.